Monday, July 30, 2012


I don’t belong to your race, boy
I don’t worship your idols and leaders and
Your silly anthems and slogans and
Don’t give a damn about your flags and other toys

I’m proud to be different
Call me a traitor or a newcomer
I know where I come from, boy
I know where I belong
I know where I go, boy

I’m the one who is free, boy, not you
I’m beautiful and unique
You are just an ugly number, boy
A meat for your greedy leaders

I’m proud to be who I am
You are the one who is confused
You are the frustrated one
You are the sick one, sick forever

Come down from the terrace, boy
Go home, boy, take care of your family
Find your peace, before trouble finds you
Stop acting stupid, boy, before it’s too late

I wrote this poem less than two weeks ago (on July 19), although I carry it in my thoughts for some time now. This poem is dedicated to all thugs and racist-nationalist idiots in my country and worldwide. I got particularly inspired by a song of local hooligans, but certainly think of all other shitheads around the world. I have quite a few more lyrics for and about them in my poetry book "Apocalypse" (published 2011), but even more in my new book of poetry and short stories, which is almost finished. I say almost because it's never finished unless it's printed. I wrote this poem in English, as most of my other works, but translated it in Macedonian language and posted it on my Monkeydonkeya Today blog

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